Why Manchester City are still intent on selling Raheem Sterling

Why Manchester City are still intent on selling Raheem Sterling

While England may have ultimately lost the Euro 2020 final to Italy, few could deny that Raheem Sterling had an outstanding competition.

Whether it was goals, assists or simply darting in and out of packed defensive lines, the Manchester City forward looked back to his very best in Gareth Southgate’s team.

As such, it may come as some surprise to read consistent reports in England that suggest that Sterling’s time in Manchester may be drawing to a near.

A recent report from the Athletic understands that Man City are still very much intent on selling the 26-year-old star despite his impressive Euros.

So why are the English champions so intent on letting such a good player leave the club?

Sterling’s slow but steady demise at Man City

Sterling made the move to Man City in 2015 when the club paid Liverpool £57.3 million for his services and few could deny that they’ve managed to get their money’s worth out of the forward.

However, while Sterling was once the jewel in Man City’s crown, his stats suggest that his overall game has been diminishing for some time.

For example, in the 2017/18 season Sterling was averaging a remarkable 0.89 goals or assists per 90 minutes for Man City. Then, in the following campaign, that number fell slightly to 0.85. No problems so far.

Why Manchester City are still intent on selling Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling struggled for a starting role at Man City last season

The issues began in the 2019/30 season, when Sterling was prioritised more as a goalscorer and while he averaged 0.68 goals per 90, his overall goals and assists per 90 fell from 0.85 in 18/19 to just 0.78 in 19/20.

Where the problems did arise and perhaps why Pep Guardiola & Co. are now willing to look at other options come from Sterling’s form last season, which saw the forward average just 0.53 goals and assists per 90 minute. Which is a huge drop off from his career best from just two or three seasons ago.

At 26 years of age, Sterling still has plenty left to give in his career but if reports in England are to be believed, it seems as though City are convinced his best days are behind him. And the numbers wouldn’t exactly disagree.