Florentino Perez: Mourinho is abnormal

Florentino Perez: Mourinho is abnormal

Jose Mourinho has been labelled as ‘abnormal’ by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Over the last day or so, the Madrid supremo has been left embarrassed after a number of leaked audio recordings emerged of him criticising old Los Blancos players and figures.

Perhaps most controversially, Perez called the legendary figures of Raul and Iker Casillas the two biggest frauds in the history of the club despite their service at the Santiago Bernabeu.


He has now taken a shot at former head coach Mourinho, whom he slams for his ego.

El Confidencial reports that Perez said in 2012:

[Jorge]Mendes doesn’t control [Cristiano], just like he doesn’t control Mourinho. Zero weight. These are guys with a serious ego, both spoiled, and they don’t see reality because they could both earn a lot more money if they were otherwise inclined.

“These two are abnormal, because we’re talking about a lot of money in respect to image rights. Also, with that face they have, that defiant way, that everyone dislikes them; if the publicity is the opposite, it’s the opposite!”

Mourinho’s tenure at Real Madrid was a tumultuous one, as although he won La Liga and the Copa del Rey, successfully breaking Barcelona’s dominance under Pep Guardiola in the process, his departure came after a series of high-profile arguments.

The Portuguese boss was critical of players like Casillas, Sergio Ramos and eventually Cristiano Ronaldo. Initially the camp was split in two over their allegiances, but eventually, all the players turned on the head coach.

Florentino Perez: Mourinho is abnormal

Florentino Perez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Perez: Ronaldo is an idiot

Perez was discussing the ego of Ronaldo alongside Mourinho, but prior to that in the leaked conversation he launched an individual scathing attack on the superstar, calling him an “idiot”.

“He’s crazy,” Florentino said.

“This guy is an idiot, a sick man. You think this guy is normal but he’s not normal, otherwise he wouldn’t do all the things he does. The last nonsense he did, the whole world saw it. Why do you think he does that stupid thing?”

The breakdown in the relationship between Perez and Ronaldo is believed to be one of the reasons for the Portuguese’s big-money departure to Juventus in 2018.

Having previously been the golden boy at Real Madrid, Ronaldo became upset when he felt the club did not offer him enough support when he was accused of tax irregularities by Spanish authorities.